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Moving Ahead to Spring

Hello and welcome. I’m having coffee today, what will you have?

If you looked out my window right now, you wouldn’t believe that spring is just a day or two away. Here in the high desert, March is one of our snowiest months. I usually have spring flowers beginning to bloom by now, but not this year. As much as I believe in living in the moment, I can’t help but look forward to spring. Dreaming and planning are the first steps of gardening so, I will justify looking to the future that way.

I have plants ordered that will be delivered at planting time. I decided to try hybrid tomatoes this year, and they are on their way. I bought a gardening magazine that has lots of ideas for small spaces and container gardening. I’ve gotten lots of good ideas from it so far. I have made arrangements to have a sprinkler system installed. We had already decided we would do that this year.

This week I pulled out the graph paper and started planning how all these hopes and dreams will turn into the real garden. Very soon it will be time to clean and fill the hummingbird feeder. Where I live, that needs to happen in April. Did you know that hummingbirds send out a scout to find the best food sources? At the same time that I do that, I will spread the flower seeds for the bees and butterflies (the hummingbirds like those too). Then I will move on the to the not so fun part, yard clean up from the winter. Of course, I will have to wait for some of this snow to melt to do most of it.

I started reading a new book this week, and so far, it looks to be a very good read. Mikala Albertson MD has a blog called “Ordinary on Purpose”. Her new book, of this same name, just came out this month. Both the book and the blog are the very raw and real story of learning to give up the need to be extraordinary. Being perfect is a false message that we have embraced. We have been led to believe that we have to have more, do more, and always be on top. With the help of this book, I am learning that God loves me as I am, not as the perfect person I strive to be.

My lifelong friend, Marty, visited this week to help me through the week of what would have been our 34th wedding anniversary. What a treat! We had lunch at the local steakhouse (Steakhouse 10). Then we shopped the afternoon away! It was such a treat, and such a kind gesture.

I have hardly cooked at all this week. I had a hard time coming up with a recipe to share with you.

Chicken Maranga

4 boneless chicken breasts or thighs

1 envelope of spaghetti sauce mix

1 Cup of wine (I prefer white)

Place the chicken in a slow cooker. Sprinkle the dry spaghetti sauce mix evenly over all of the chicken. Pour in the wine and cook on low for 6-8 hours. Serve over pasta. This is low calorie too!

What made you smile today?

Until next time,


One thought on “My Cozy Corner

  1. Lovely post Helen. It sounds like you are emerging somewhat from the darkness of this past winters soul. Wonderful gardening plans too. Spring for real cannot come soon enough. Snow begone! I never heard of dry spaghetti sauce mix. Anything that simple with chicken I will have to try out myself. See you soon💚


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