My Cozy Corner

What Makes You Happy?

Cozy up with your coffee or tea and join me in my cozy corner. It’s been longer than I expected. I knew I would be away from the writing desk for a week while I was traveling, but one week turned into more than that when I returned home with COVID. It is the second time I have had it, and this time wasn’t nearly as bad as the last time. It was more like a bad cold.

I was challenged to think about what makes me happy; not just a temporary feel good, but a deep happiness. I would challenge you to ponder this same question. I pondered it for some time before I came up with any answer at all, especially given my current situation. The answer I came up with was not anything I expected. Quiet makes me happy. whether it’s time to sit and meditate, or time in my gardens, quiet makes me happy.

As a result of that discovery, I have made sure that I have plenty of quiet. I close out the chaos of the world for at least a little while every day. I turn off the TV, I turn off the phone, I make sure I have at least a few minutes of total quiet. There are other things that make me deeply happy too, but I will leave those for another time. In the meantime, I will leave you to ponder your own answers to that question.

We are busy (Miss Christy and I) with plans for a celebration of life for Mr. M. Mr.M loved life and it will be a pleasure to share special times with special people. We are using his favorite colors and will celebrate with food, music, and conversation, all things that he loved. I would love to say that I am fixing all the food, but it’s beyond my ability right now. Catering it is!

The gardens are coming along, and there is lots of gardening to be done before our celebration. The flowers are blooming and the veggies are coming right along. The gardens have been great therapy for me.

Time is rushing away so I will say goodby for now.

Until next time,


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